Frank van Wijngaarden | PAULINE
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What is your idea of perfect happiness?
“To have the freedom of making my own choices. To feel inner peace, be comfortable with myself and be in the present moment. To feel useful, have a goal and a purpose in life.”


What is your greatest fear?
“I fear that the world will never be a better place and eventually will be destroyed by our greed and egotism.”


What is your greatest regret?
“Waiting for two years to become a vegan, because people around me thought it was too extreme.”


Describe an obstacle you have faced in your life, big or small, and the story of your attempt to overcome it.
“I’ve been depressed and suicidal for years. At an early age I realized what the world out there was really like. It seemed hopeless and impossible to find a way out of this state, as I was convinced that the world would have to change for that to happen.


When I was 18 I started to struggle with chronic fatigue. I was trying to move forward, but now my mind and my body were holding me back. I had no control over my life and depended on others in everything.


Two and a half years ago, against the doctors advice, I decided to quit my medication and from that moment on it felt like I finally started living. Working, doing sports, getting my drivers license, finishing my study, losing weight, ending my relationship and handling it, becoming a vegan and supporting animal rights. There’s so much to do and to discover, and I’m finally doing it now.”


What song (piece of music) or work of art means a lot to you, and why?
“I don’t have a specific song, I do have a lot of music I don’t want to listen to anymore. Music I played during my depression, that comforted me then but now just reminds me of what I have finally left behind.”